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Each mattress has its own personal layout

The CustoMatraz is for everyone. Your mattress is made to measure based on a personal measurement, wishes and any physical complaints.

With our 2-person mattresses you can each choose your own composition without having the feeling of lying on a separate mattress because the top layer encloses the individual mattresses.

The side edges are positioned on the exit side so that getting in and out of bed will be much easier.

Just like the elements, the side edges can always be moved freely if, for example, you want to exchange with your partner.


The element

Each element contains a filling of a newly developed type of latex like cold foam, varying in hardness. We assemble your CustoMatraz from 10 elements in 5 different hardnesses. These have been carefully selected after extensive scientific preliminary research of hundreds of types of foam. The segments provide the perfect support in the right place of your body.


Our top layer has unsurpassed ventilating properties and is not temperature sensitive. An absolute condition for a good night's sleep!

They are provided with a detachable cover (fabric) so that you can air the top layer and wash out the cover. That is unique in mattress land and so fresh! This way your custom mattress will stay nice and clean at least.


Hardness of the elements

We assemble your mattress from 10 elements divided into 5 hardnesses. These elements are marked with a colored label, which indicates the hardness of the element. The pressure device measures your lying position and indicates which element must be placed in various places in the mattress. The correct support is determined for every part of your body.


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Rick van Schaijk

Written by Rick van Schaijk