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5 products that can help you sleep better

Everyone wants to feel rested and well in the morning
A good night rest of at least 8 hour recharges and makes you ready for the day ahead, it will keep you sharp and energised.

I have researched the topic and have checked 5 product that can help you sleep better


5 products that can help you sleep better


The Eclipse Blackout Curtains
In order to have the best night sleep you need to best sleeping environment.
Eclipse blackout Curtains will will block out warming light for people who are sleeping when the sun is shining, or in the summer when it starts to get light earlier.


The C-Sleep Dimmable Light Bulb
C-Sleep is a light bulb that Is connected with your device through blue tooth enabled light bulb that supports your body's natural sleep cycle by emitting a calm light at night and vibrant light in the morning. You can instantly dim or brighten the bulb, without even having to get out of bed, thanks to a handy app.


A good pillow
our sky-high stress levels may be to blame for all the tossing and turning, but that lumpy pillow sure isn't helping the cause. Before you run to Bed Bath and Beyond and grab a new one, consider investing in a pillow that works double duty.


dish bottom frame
A good bed bottom is very important for a good night’s rest. If you use a old wooden bed bottom it means that you do not have a lot of flexibility. The lower back needs much more support than your shoulders.


The most important thing for a good night’s rest is by far the mattress if you lay on a mattress which does not support your back it will cause you to wake up during the night or have back problems in the morning. Check our blog on 5 things that a mattress helps with during sleep


5 impacts a mattress has on your sleep level


Rick van Schaijk

Written by Rick van Schaijk