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5 Tips for a good night's rest.

Everyone wants to feel rested and well in the morning
A good night rest of at least 8 hour recharges and makes you ready for the day ahead, it will keep you sharp and energised.

I have researched the topic and have checked with people how they improved there nights of sleep with 5 simple Tips that helped them get a better night's rest.


keep your stress to a minimum
Having a very stressful day can lead to anxiety which will keep you from getting a peaceful nights sleep. It is important to try to release all the things that can cause you stress or try to manage them. Research has shown that

Yoga, pilates or everyday meditation can help you release those stress factors for a good night's rest. 


Try to avoid eating a late night meal or snack
Once you have eaten something just before going to be your body will try to digest this straight away which will cause your body to be active instead of going to rest mode.


Try to go to bed at the same time each night

Routine is very important to let your body know that is time for bed. If everyday you go to be at the same time your body will automatically know that it needs to go in rest mode.


Regular exercise!
Get moving! A good sweat session will keep your body balanced and will maximise your time spent resting. Try an Exhale Cardio class to give your body that healthy boost of activity.


Follow a relaxing routine before bed
This is coming back to the topic about stress relieve. It is good to have a relaxing activity before going to bed. For instance read a book or do some meditation.


So as a conclusion it is very important to have a good night's rest. It will make you feel much more energised during the day and has a lot of extra health benefits.

If you like to know what special health benefits a good night's rest has you can follow this link for

5 benefits of a good night's rest.


5 benefits of a good night's rest.

Rick van Schaijk

Written by Rick van Schaijk